Estonian chimney-sweepers

Project “Daily routing of the chimney-sweeper” with Estonian chimney-sweepers brings up the world, access to which is rather limited. The profession of the chimney-sweeper is very old and it remains extremely difficult and dangerous, because they have to climb on the roof without tethers. Being the chimney-sweeper is not so easy. This is a clan of the professionals, their work requires special training and knowledge. The chimney-sweeper meets an everyday risk and challenges of the cleaning chimneys which also require some manual clean up the sticky soot. 

However, in the hearts of many people the profession of the chimney-sweeper is romantic and associated with fairy tales.  It is rare to meet chimney-sweeper on the streets of Tallinn, but his monument can be seen in the old town. Many people superstitious - when you meet the chimney-sweeper on the street, you should rub of his button for luck.

Tallinn (Estonia), 2012